Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Where's the pause button??


I can’t believe in a couple of weeks our first born will be 7. Where has the time gone, it was just yesterday we were changing her diapers and here we are about to celebrate her 7th birthday party.

Gaby is turning into such a young, crazy, boy-ish young lady. She loves to search for insects; lady bugs, butterflies, lizards, centipedes just to name a few! I think I’ve mentioned this before but Gaby is a girly tomboy, if that makes any sense at ALL. She loves her makeup and nail polish but give her a baseball, basketball, or bugs and she’ll love it just the same.

I love to plan birthday parties for the kids, I love the searching online for ideas, the do it yourself projects, and finally seeing it all come together. Well this year is nothing less than a huge DIY project and I’m super nervous- freaking out actually about how everything is going to turn out. I have to confess that this is by far the hardest one we’ve had to plan. I guess the older they get the more creative they want their parties to be….”Um hello when did you get a mind of your own?” But nonetheless we/ I’m super excited to bake, cut, snip, glue, paint, etc.

You may be asking yourself what are they going to bake, cut, snip, glue and paint!? Well, this year Gaby’s theme will be “Girly Superhero”. Yes, our girly tomboy loved the idea of battling those villains pink & purple style! So I started looking for ideas and spent a whole weekend saving pictures and watch tutorials on Youtube. I became (in my eyes) an expert in planning this party from scratch! (literally) I want to spending as little money as possible and so doing every detail which help the bank and the personal touches!

So far these have been the ideas I have gathered from my one too many Google searches:

A double tier cake with the bottom layer having the city skyline

Mario and I are making signs and a city skyline that will work for our "photo wall"

To set the mood of the party the invites:


Color Scheme

Every Superhero needs a cape!

I've been taking pictures of all the things we've done so far. Can't wait to see the final product!