Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Nesting for Mr. A....

I can't believe how fast this pregnancy has flown by. It just seems like yesterday (Father's Day) we found out we were adding a new person to our gang, and here we are with a little over a month away until our little man gets here.

This month flew by with the holidays and the shower it seems that time isn't our friend, but it's okay! This weekend we finally bought the bedding for the crib and bought a new crib for Mr. A. My sister originally handed me down my nephew telling me it was "brand new".... note to self "brand new" to my family means not fully broken. Well Mario and I started to crib the "new crib" only to find out IT WAS BROKEN!!!!!!! I was very very upset- but I was on a mission to built a crib Sunday night and a crib we built!

We headed to Walmart and got a brand new crib that is very very sturdy, fabulous and the best part under budget! Since we were under budget we also got Gaby her new "big girl" booster chair. Which she loves and it has 2 cup and toy holders, one for each side! (side note it broke my nail this morning trying to take the dam thing out!)

On Monday morning (around 5:30am)- Gaby woke up to use OUR bathroom and when I turned on the light she saw the crib her words "OH MY GOODNESS MOM IT'S BEAUTIFUL, YOU AND PAPI DID A GREAT JOB!....I'm going to buy a lot a lot a lot of clothes and toys for Alejandro.....it's beautiful!" along with a great big bear hug! What else can we ask for- we got the approval from his big sister!

My next appointment is for January 15th and it will mark exactly 1 month for my due date! Aye- I pee my pants every time I think about it. I have to keep reminding myself- everything will be fine, just relax and get into the "zone".

We leave you with some pictures of our little man's bed and semi closet!

All done

The fabulous bedding we bought at Babies r' Us

Close up of the mobile

His portion of the closet- we are waiting to see how big Mr. A is going to be to buy more clothes

Some stuff animals for him to drool on later ;)

Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas 2008

I love love love the holidays!! The gatherings, the laughter, watching the kids faces light up, and of course the FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This year was the first time my mom actually joined Mario's family for Noche Buena (Christmas Eve). Mario's mom made ham, potato salad, crab salad, coconut rice, and cheesecake for dessert! My mom decided to bring Carne asada (bbq meat), salad and Cuban bread. You can't go wrong with Meat and Soft Cuban bread!!!!

Mario had to work his regular shift that day and joined us around 10:30ish which is perfect timing for a second round of food ;)

We hope everyone had a great Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa

The kids had a blast opening gifts and of course I had my handy camera on point!

My mom with Genesis
My mom and I
My lover and I
The kids- Missing Jorge
Genesis and Gaby (don't be fooled by their smile ;)
Christmas Day
Her Princess Bike
Please take a moment to look at her slippers!
Enchanted- The Movie
My Family

Our Baby Shower!

What a great event this was! We threw our little man a shower for everyone to enjoy and boy did we have fun! We had great company, fabulous food, funny games, and tons of memories for our little man.

Our theme was "Oh Boy" with blue's, green's and ivory. Simple and perfect :)

Saturday morning my trooper (Gaby) and I woke up super early and attacked all the stops we had for the day. The florist, food, prep the flowers, BJ's, Bakery, Party City, Payless, and finally head back home for some baking and a cooking lesson!

The night before the shower I couldn't sleep thinking of all the things that had to be done that morning. Of course Mario thought we had "PLENTY" of time to decorate and get ready....UM NOT!

The day was a little gray- which scared me but thank god the day turned out just great! The guests started to arrive and I was still a mess ;) I finished just in time to get to my moms house plaster make- up on- get Gaby ready and look fabulous for our family and friends.

I was so touched by all the gifts we received for our little man and loved every moment of our shower...

I leave you with some pictures!

The yummy cake!

Michelle, Me, Elaine and Nina

With my BFF- Kristen

My Fabulous Aunt and cousins- Emi, Tia Sophia and Clau

My coworkers- Joselyn, Me, Michelle, Mady with Mr. Wilson and Sophie

The Candy buffet- used as favors

Cup cakes- Made by Elaine

The food

Play the "not so hard" games! ;)

Playing the Price is Right- but we were shocked how much this 7 inch flat screen monitor cost! $$$

Mouse won "The Price is right"

Opening Gifts

The some of the gang!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Happy Turkey Day!!!

I love love love the begining of the holidays! It all starts with of course Halloween followed by THANKSGIVING! This year we were the happy ones to be hosting. My mother in-law made the fabulous turkey, stuffing, and my special craving this pregnancy arroz con leche!

My sister in-law then made a potato salad with some deviled eggs (I believe they are called). The poor deviled eggs were simply GONE by the time I got to see the "plate", or should I say what was left of them. I made scalloped potatoes, mash potatoes, cranberry applesauce and I bought some cupcakes from Publix. My aunt in-law made sweet potatoes, crab salad and brought the bread rolls. My mom made the rice & salad. Everything was gone!

We also celebrated my newphews 3rd birthday and sang him a little tune....

Everyone had a great time, I stuffed my face and felt horrible after! But I'm pregnant and I need to feed this man! Mr. A was in a food coma for about 24 hours! He didn't move until the following night! Poor little man :)

Friday the 5 (Mr. A and Oreo included) woke up and headed for the Mall. Of course Dolphin Mall! The crowed wasn't too bad as I expected. We had a movie, MORE food and game day! We saw Twilight (oh soo yummy good!) and then walked around searching for some sales and didn't find anything we "needed". Then we went to the movies again (yes, we are movie buffers) and saw the James Bond Movie. Gaby apprently liked Twilight instead she keeps asking why James bit Bella's arm. I also got the 3rd book of the series and I'm so excited! I think Mario is a little instrested in the book- but he won't read it (I think it's a "man" thing). He's too funny!

I leave you of course with some pictures of Thanksgiving!

The eggs that I never saw!

The table set up for dinner!
and now the food!
The crab salad Salad
Sweet Potatoes
Mash Potatoes
Scalloped Potatoes
White Rice with Noodles
The turkey!
Potato Salad
Stuffing (which we still have left over!)
My mom and Mother In-law
Then it was time for a prayer- Thank god no one fainted. My mom officially wins an award for the "Longest Prayer" EVERRRRRR. **note to self- don't allow my mom to say prayer**
After a long prayer we finally got to EAT!

Happy Birthday Jorge!

The Arroz con Leche I salavate over! Daniel and Gaby stuffing their faces with cupcakes. Luckily I'm the official photographer, so you can't see me stuffing my face too with a cuppie ;) There were 6 cupcakes- 4 for the kids and 2 for me! hehe :)

A Family Portrait- I love my Kodak!
Sandra, Albert, Genesis, Gaby, Jorge, Mario, Daniel, Cynthia, Nunu, Tia Esperansa, Dona Rosa, Me- Mr. A, Rossy and my mom. (Oreo was hiding under the table)