Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Nesting for Mr. A....

I can't believe how fast this pregnancy has flown by. It just seems like yesterday (Father's Day) we found out we were adding a new person to our gang, and here we are with a little over a month away until our little man gets here.

This month flew by with the holidays and the shower it seems that time isn't our friend, but it's okay! This weekend we finally bought the bedding for the crib and bought a new crib for Mr. A. My sister originally handed me down my nephew telling me it was "brand new".... note to self "brand new" to my family means not fully broken. Well Mario and I started to crib the "new crib" only to find out IT WAS BROKEN!!!!!!! I was very very upset- but I was on a mission to built a crib Sunday night and a crib we built!

We headed to Walmart and got a brand new crib that is very very sturdy, fabulous and the best part under budget! Since we were under budget we also got Gaby her new "big girl" booster chair. Which she loves and it has 2 cup and toy holders, one for each side! (side note it broke my nail this morning trying to take the dam thing out!)

On Monday morning (around 5:30am)- Gaby woke up to use OUR bathroom and when I turned on the light she saw the crib her words "OH MY GOODNESS MOM IT'S BEAUTIFUL, YOU AND PAPI DID A GREAT JOB!....I'm going to buy a lot a lot a lot of clothes and toys for Alejandro.....it's beautiful!" along with a great big bear hug! What else can we ask for- we got the approval from his big sister!

My next appointment is for January 15th and it will mark exactly 1 month for my due date! Aye- I pee my pants every time I think about it. I have to keep reminding myself- everything will be fine, just relax and get into the "zone".

We leave you with some pictures of our little man's bed and semi closet!

All done

The fabulous bedding we bought at Babies r' Us

Close up of the mobile

His portion of the closet- we are waiting to see how big Mr. A is going to be to buy more clothes

Some stuff animals for him to drool on later ;)

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