Thursday, January 3, 2008

HAPPY 2008!!!

I can't believe we are starting a NEW year!

How crazy was 2007? I got married to my high school sweet heart of 10 years, we moved into our new place, and we have made it through A LOT of storms. We only expect great things for 2008. We wish you all the best this year, may many of you have babies, start great jobs, travel to fabulous places, party hard and make tons of memories!

We actually went to Orlando with my mom, dad & our dog Cookie to spend some time with my older sister. It was great to see the kids play, argue, sing, dance and have a ball! It was a quite a trip! Barley making it to Downtown Disney to see the fireworks with only 15 minutes left until the new year! Note to self: Travel alone!

Yesterday- The clan actually went to Dolphin Mall and watched National Treasure (Good Movie) and Gaby got a brand new stroller in a hip new color and bad ass name! Then while taking a stroll in the Marshalls Home goods store we came across the section of picture frames and decor. You will never guess what we found! Not only have I NEVER seen such an item for sale but I had to share our new findings with you all! I must confess I did get super excited and this is the reason why I love pictures, taking pictures, random moments and my camera phone!!!!!!!!! Many of you might have read or have been told about a great story about a cool keyboard that for some reason or another has a sunflower on it.

(Note: I've been checking E-bay and no luck finding a Sunflower image on any keyboard)

Drum roll please..................... my new admiration for A-GIRASOL (A-Sunflower)

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