Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Wedding Pictures

I can't believe it's going to be 3 months since Mario and I got married! It seems like it was yesterday. Last week I finally met up with my fabulous photographer Carmen from Studio by Carmen and saw the pictures with my mom ,dad (who wasn't able to make it to the wedding- health reasons) and Gaby. The pictures made me re-live my day all over again. Carmen and her hubby Favio captured moments that I forgot or I wasn't paying attention to.

In this post I would also like to give a BIG shout out to my good friend who took charge of all the details, from flowers, to linens, the cake, the decor, the center pieces. Ale and her hubby Carlos made everything possible. I don't think I can ever thank them enough for everything they did to make the day happen.

I also want to thank Justine from Fabulous Fetes for helping on the day of the wedding. Justine also made the menus, invitations and RSVP cards for us, which turned out beautifully. We actually became friends on TheKnot, then became gym buddies, now neighbors and finally I'm her second coordinator of her business! I love it! I know she is going to do great in her Wedding and Event Planning business. One word: FABULOUS!

Here are some pictures by Studio by Carmen:

The Aleman's
Est. 11.3.07

*A special shout out to a lovely friend with the big chi chi's, a chubby husband and an ugly doggie! *

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Yocelyn said...

Who has big chichi's? WOW AND a chubby husband and ugly doggie? Poor girl!! LOL I heart you my dear!!