Thursday, May 15, 2008

money, money, moneyyy

It's been a while since I have updated our crazy blog. Here is a recap of many blessings we have gotten since my last post. I got a new car, from a former bride of ours, we received our tax money (hence the name of the post), I got a brand new camera, and Mario got a brand new I Pod Nano.

For the BIG news we are now thinking of adding to our growing family, not another animal, but a baby. We've noticed Gaby playing alone when she gets home from school or even when we go to the park and especially on our family days. Of course this breaks our hearts and I think after much thought and going back and forth on the idea we finally made up our minds and think it's time for another baby Aleman.

I think this time around we are much more mature, financially ready and mentally prepared. When we first had Gaby we were young, no stable job, no home to call our own. But this time around everything is different and we are both ready for the next step. We are very excited, I think I'm much more excited than Mario.

Confession: I actually picked out the stroller and Crib we liked for the baby! We are still deciding on names. But I think I'm way to ahead of the game for now. Maybe I should get pregnant first then think about the rest.

I hope all the moms had a fabulous Mothers Day. Ours was very very nice. We started the morning with smiles and giggles from Gaby. Then we all got ready and headed to Dolphin Mall to eat at TGI Fridays, then we went to see Made of Honor, followed by a mini shopping spree of 3 pairs of shoes! What more can a mother need or want? Oh yeah maybe a day off?


Alexis & Justine said...

That's the crib we want!!!

S@bRoSurA said...

I totally know the feeling. Don't worry I'm sure the surprise will hit you both very soon. =) confession is because of our past, I had random little things we got and bought and eventually had to store in a box for the future. I can't get enough of them. I love staring at all the lovely baby items. I'm still dyeing to purchase DH his dude diaper bag with camaflouge that he loves. That will have to be his gift the day I find out I am pregnant again.