Thursday, May 29, 2008

Bittersweet Week

My long weekend started off with a day full of things to do on Friday. I took the day off to run important errans. Of which not all were completed. I woke up early to drop off Gaby at school then headed to Cutler Ridge to get Oreo snipped snipped. Waited for about an hour and watched as the doctors got to working on the doggies. I have been sacred for LIFE! I then headed to the Social Security office to change my last name. Of which I couldn't do. That will have to wait. Then headed home to take a well deserved nap. Of course my lover was home ready for me to drop him off at work. (only slept for about an hour) Dropped him off and headed to BJ's for my shopping spree for the birthday boys BBQ on Sunday. Got the major items, order the finger foods and picked up Gaby from school. Then headed to Walmart to finish my shopping. Ran home before it started to POOR and unloaded sped to Cutler Ridge again to pick up Mr. Oreo. Headed back home and was DEAD tired! PHEW.

On Saturday was Mario's 25th birthday. He was lucky and got out of work early to spend the rest of the afternoon with his girls. We decided to head to my mother in-laws house to spend a couple of hours there. Later in the night we were invited to a bbq at a friends house nearby. The food was delish! Nothing better then burgers, hot dogs, chicken, steak and a convict (who was in jail for 8 hours and learned how to play spades!- my kind of guy ;) So Fabulous.

Sunday rolled around (too quickly) and off to the BBQ we were! I prayed to the Gods above for no rain just sunny skies and nice winds. We got just that, a little sprinkle here but after that the day was gorgeous. I can show you my back to prove my point! I was given the task of being Chef for the day and quite an experience that is! I thought my eyebrows were going to lite on fire, but luckily the wind was my friend. Everyone loved my burgers and hot dogs (which thank God they did) It was my first time being Chef and hosting a BBQ. I give myself an A++ :) My mom, sister and even dad showed up to the festivities. That felt sooo fabulous. Everyone had a great time, Mario was on a GREAT buzz and I got a Lobster sun burn! I will post Videos and Pictures tonight.

Here come the bitter part of my post.....

On Monday night I received a voice mail from my mom telling me to please call her and gave me the worst news. The second voice mail again from my mom telling me my cousin, my uncle's son had passed away. I hung up the phone without hearing the rest of the message, of course no one answered. I called my sister who was with her and I ask her to please tell me what's going on. Turns out my 25- year old cousin had passed away earlier in the day. I will not go into detail about the situation b/c it's very personal and private. I will end this section with the following: When ever you feel down in the dumps don't think no one will hear you out b/c there is always someone around you to listen to you. Even if it's about a hair you found on your chin to your deepest thoughts. Next time you see or talk to someone you love tell them "I'm here for you" Today is the viewing of my cousin, I'm dreading on going b/c it will bring back memories of my brother who passed away 3 years ago. I don't want to relive that but I know it's something I must do and accept even if I don't like it.

Best wishes to you and your loved ones.


Yocelyn said...

I am so sorry. My deepest condolences. Anything you need please let me know

lots of love

The Suarez Fam

Alexis & Justine said...

Oh my friend :( I'm so sorry.
I lost a few friend in highschool that way. It's never easy.

Nevertheless I love you and my thoughts are with you.