Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures- Oh how I love Pictures!!!

Gaby's graduation was this weekend. Mario couldn't make it :( She did soo good performing her Teddy Bear song. So proud I am of my little one. I also met her 2 BBF's from school, Sharon and Sofia. Such cute girls those two are and their parents were such a pleasure to meet. Of course it was great to finally put a face to a name and all the stories Gaby tells me. Sunday my mother in-law had a BBQ at her house with her remodeled back yard and brand new BBQ that she had to sport with it.

Here are a couple of pictures as Promised.

The table set up

Gaby after her "Teddy Bear" show- Proud Mom Moment....

Gaby and Me after her fabulous performance :)

So well behaved during lunch....

Her BFF Sharon

Jamming with her BFF Sofia

Mario's Birthday

Gaby's favorite game with daddy!

My lover and I

The first of many batches of "juice"

The birthday boy's Cake (oh soooo yummy)

The gang

Mario & his best bud Mike

The ONLY rule for the day was NO cake on the Birthday Boys Face (give the guys a rule and watch how fast they break it)

Junior (the older brother by 9 years) & Mario

My parents (please excuse the FRO on my moms head- the wind wasn't her BFF that day)


Alexis & Justine said...

yay for pictures! i love them! hooray for Gaby's graduation. SO CUTE! i love her

S@bRoSurA said...

Your daughter graduation pics came out adorable. She is too precious and your DH's b-day looked like fun. My DH would so be looking forward to doing the beer funnel. =P Men I tell ya!