Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Happy Special Fathers Day!

Oh my gosh what a weekend of fabulous event this was.

On Friday night Mario and I spent some time with our crazy friends! They always manage to keep me smiling! :)

Saturday we went to our usual spot (Dolphin Mall), ate lunch, walked for a while and caught the Hulk. Which was a great movie- Gaby for the first time in a long time didn't ask to go to the bathroom. She actually fell asleep.

Sunday, we had a BBQ at my mother in-laws house and boy was I hungry! I did start to feel a little yucky.

Mario had been bugging me the entire day to buy a pregnancy test just to see if I was pregnant. But I didn't want to spend the money since I already got the "pimple of the month". Guess that didn't stop the soldiers!

So we got home and here I go and pee on this fabulous stick. I for sure thought "no way it's going to come out positive" Then I noticed a + sign, which I never saw in the previous test I have taken. I read the instructions right away and started calling Mario's name over and over and over. Poor guy didn't know what to do with himself. But I finally came out of the bathroom and said "Happy Father's Day Daddy # 2" He didn't believe me at first until I showed him the test and the manual. Typical Mario had me drinking Cranberry juice for the second test. BOY OH BOY that other + - couldn't appear any faster!

We were actually very very calm to all the news that happened in literally 40 minutes. I texted all my friends and he called his sister.

Yesterday I went to my moms house and started talking to her and my sister about me not being hungry (which is a big RED FLAG). I really didn't tell her straight out MOM I'M PREGNANT b/c I was mortified since the first time around wasn't too pleasant. So I just told my sister and she was dying to tell my mom. Which I know by now she opened her big mouth and told her already. My mom has that 7th scent so I'm sure she smelled be a mile away. But as long as I didn't get the speech I got when I told her about Gaby, I'm happy.

Right when I got into work on Monday, I called my doctor (who also delivered Gaby) and changed my appointment date to July 11th. The Nurse actually told me I will be getting an Ultra Sound and hearing the babies Heart Beat! I am about 5 weeks along and feel a little blah.

So ladies and gentlemen let the puking, crazy hormones, and belly growing begin!

I leave you with this picture when I was about 7 or 8 months pregnant with Gaby.

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S@bRoSurA said...

Awww...check you out. =) I can imagine that Fathers Day was just topped with a cherry, after that news. I'm glad you both are excited and don't worry, I'm sure your mother loves Gaby now and wouldn't want any less for you guys. You've overcome years of your relationship now and that alone is a strong test of love. Congrats to the both of you.