Monday, May 18, 2009

Birthdays, Baptism, Bunnies OH MY!

Since Mr. A arrived he has had quit a social life!

My niece Genesis turned 7 years old back in February. It's soo crazy to think I changed her nasty diapers and now she is turning into a young women. I get all emotional every time I see her do something so lady like. I will admit I will pee my pants when she starts to wear training bras!

Here are some pictures of her fabulous day!

Opening her gifts
Her grandmother gave her $200 (Can she be my grandmother too?)
I guess the first $200 weren't enough- she got another $200 FROM THE SAME GRANDMOTHER!!!
Showing off the shoes my uncle gave her (they were 2 sizes tooo BIG)
Alejandro was partied OUT


First let me say, I'm not big on religion. I like to call us Catholics with a hint of spice. I don't go to church every Sunday and I don't go on the "special" days either. I do speak to Gaby about God, heaven, angels, etc. I was dragged to go to church every Sunday, every retreat, every church event when I was younger. I had no choice. My mom on the other hand is one step away from becoming a nun. (No Lie) I don't want to push it so much on the kids that they become like me, not wanting to go. When we have gone, they both behave fabulously.

Well my mom while I was STILL pregnant with Alejandro nominated herself as the Godmother. This annoyed me to tremendous level. How do you NOMINATE yourself? Um Hello??? Well- I had to drop the big NO on her. My mom has this very strong character about herself and it's not good when your daughter has the same character as well.

Mario and I originally wanted our best friends to be the God parents. I gave the news to my best friend first and she was all about it, until a week after and then she backed out. So I didn't want to pick whoever from this very important role in our sons life. We asked Mario's sister; Cynthia and she was beyond trilled to step up to the plate. Mike was on board all along. Mike has been Mario's best friend since they were in high school and all around a great guy to have around!

On March 29th, 2009 Alejandro was baptized in a private ceremony in Saint Timothy Catholic Church. It was a great feeling having our family and friends there to share this special day with the 4 of us. It's not common to find Mario in a church, but he was glad to have this moment with the special people in our lives.

Of course pictures!!!

The Father Blessing the Holly Water

Alejandro being blessed by the Holy Water
Blessings for ME! (I need them)
Mario needs more though....
The Godparents- Cynthia and Mike
Group Pictures (Mario's favorite Part!)
With the Godparents and the Priest
(please take a look at Gaby!!!- She's jumping off the ALTER)
The Alemans
My Family
Some of our friends

After the ceremony we all headed back to my moms house for some food, drinks and CAKE!

:::the 4 of us decided to go back home to change our SHOES!:::

The "Baby" on top has been used in all our kids baptisms. I believe it's 7 or 8 years old.
My mom decided that ONE cake wasn't enough
My cousin, Karen, gave birth to Serenity a week after I had Alejandro. They were both partied OUT.
Can you tell who likes taking pictures?
My little man
Alejandro and his Godparents


East Sunday we spent with family. We first headed to my moms house for an egg hunt. My sister, who bless her soul, decided to make the hunt a little toooo complicated. Well this just ruined Gaby's morning! We had brunch and enjoyed the kids searching for their baskets and eggs outside. I will mention it was HOT! In the middle of our egg hunt Padrino Mike came to drop off some more goodies for the kids. Alejandro got his very own personalized basket and Gaby enjoyed all the treats in hers! Oh how I love all the holidays that include candy! After brunch we headed up to my mother in-laws house where we spent the rest of the day watching the kids running around and eating candy! Alejandro was (as always) pooped out!

It took Genesis about half a second to find her basket

Jorge took about 7 minutes
Gaby took about 10 minutes, since the basket was BEHIND the coloring board!
Coloring books, pony tails, chocolates, and GUM!
Outside searching for eggs- which took about 30 to 45 minutes to find. We gave up after that!

During our egg hunt, Padrino Mike and Giselle arrived to bring the kids some Easter Goodies!
Mike is a Gator fan hence the Orange and Blue.... he loves to mess with me!
Alejandro's First Piggy Bank

and some onesis

The loves of my life!

I thank my lucky stars above for sending me great kids!

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