Monday, February 28, 2011

Let the countdown begin!

It's been quite a while... Okay a long time since we've gone on any sort of vacation (4 years to be exact)... But who's counting right!? Well Daddy and I wanted to finally get away..... So where does this crazy family go you ask? None other than Orlando! This will be the first time we go on any sort of vacation or get away for the weekend as a family of four! We are so excited to pack our bags and GO! We told Gaby today about our little mini vacation and she was so excited! Did I tell you we can't wait?? I can do a back flip if I could... But let's not hold our breaths here.... We leave Friday night and come back Sunday. The plan is to go to Island of Adventure and Universal Studios, with a break in between for Down Town Disney. I hope The kids enjoy all the rides and cool things to see in the parks! Our main thing is to just enjoy, relax and of course take gazillions of pictures! I hope the kids are ready because Mario and I are counting down the days! ORLANDO HERE WE COME!!

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