Friday, September 5, 2008


So we have been super busy in the month of August with my mom's birthday, our first trip to Parrot Jungle and playing Hide and Sneak with Gaby!

Mom's Birthday
My sister, dad and I chipped in to plan her 55th Birthday. The day started off yucky with gray clouds and filled with rain. After much praying from both my mom and sister the sun came out to play! My dad started the bbq and the guests started to arrive, guests meaning my entire family. We had a blast and enjoyed the food, pinata, and the nice company.

My parents celebrating my moms 55th birthday and their wedding anniversary.

Jungle Island
Jungle Island was having a fabulous deal on Memorial Day weekend. Only $10 to get in, I told my sister-in-law about the fabulous deal and to Parrot Jungle we were going that weekend. Gaby had a blast seeing all the different types of birds, Lions and Alligators. I for the very very first time ever in my life was picked to help in one of the shows (I was super excited!) Here are some pictures of our fabulous day.

(a peek at my belly at 16 weeks)

(I felt soo BBAAADDD for this goat, look at Gaby's hand and the goats head!)

Hide and Sneak

Sunday Gaby decided she loved to hide from me with papa dukes while I was busy cleaning around the house. Well our game lasted a good 45 minutes! We started playing just in our room and boy we had a blast. Gaby of course isn't a pro at this game so this was the funniest part ever! I decided every time she would hide with either of us we would take pictures to capture our first family game, per say.

In the closet

On our amour?
Behind our Door Under the computer desk

In a pillow case

In a drawer!!!

It was a FABULOUS weekend in the Aleman household.

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