Friday, September 26, 2008

The golden jewels

Oh yes, the joys of carrying a fabulous little boy! The first time we found out we were having a boy the ball started to roll on baby shower ideas, names, and of course registry items.

Today I had my last appointment for the first trimester screening and Alejandro looks great. I finally got a couple of pictures of the oh soo lovely golden jewels! LOL :)

Alejandro is weighing around 11 ounces and is about the size of a mango! (yummy)

I did get a little red flag from the technician about having a low placenta. I need to go back in 4 weeks to see if it went up. Since I haven't had spot bleeding or any sort of bleeding she isn't too worried but wants to monitor it b/c in worse case scenario things can get complicated. I did read an article that says about .5- 1% of women don't have any change in their low placenta but 99% of women (hopefully I'm in) do experience their placenta higher. She also mentioned that as the baby grows the placenta gets higher, which is what we are hoping for. God knows I don't want to experience a c-section or being in the hospital for x amount of weeks being monitored.

I'm keeping my hopes up in thinking positive that everything is going to turn out great with no complications or anything major.

Now to the title of this of Alejandro and the golden jewels!

** The first 4 pictures are of him looking at you (so just wave shalom back!!!)

and of course.....

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Fabulous FĂȘtes said...

you are exposing my nephews pipi all over the interweb.
::shakes head:: wait till he's old enough to understand. lol