Friday, November 7, 2008


Happy (belated) Halloween!

This year was a great year to grab some goodies for Mr. A, Gaby and myself ;) The weather was fabulous, the day was great and the company was fantastic! We bought Gaby's costume in the beginning of October. I didn't want to wait too long and buy some stupid costume. So we planned ahead and went to Party City. Gaby, to my surprise, didn't want to be a Disney Princess. We were left with 2 options: 1- Cheerleader or 2- a Pirate (ARRRHHHH) lol. Last year she was a UM Cheerleader, so she picked the Buckaneer! Oh how cute did she look! Here are come pictures of the day:

Getting Ready

ALL READY!! (please check out the pose of DIVA Gaby!)

To school we must go!

At night we went to Grandma's house for some more fun (as if she didn't have enough sugar at school!) Here she is with her cousin Daniel (who is dress as a boxer with a black eye!)

We all decided to go to a local park and enjoy free pizza, cotton candy, and soda! Here is Gaby with some random little boy, he was the male version of the Pirate:

And even after 45 minutes of Trick or Treating and a full day of events she is still SMILING for the camera!

As a bonus- here is a video of Gaby singing a Halloween song she learned in school. The morning of Halloween she sang this song the ENTIRE way from our house to her school. Enjoy!

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