Friday, February 6, 2009

We are being induced...

It seems Mr. A doesn't want to come out and play with anyone. Mario and I went to our final doctors appointment yesterday and nothing has changed since I went to the Labor and Delivery floor in the hospital 2 weeks ago. I'm still closed, but showing little signs of going into labor on my own. But for some reason I think Alejandro is keeping us on our toes and will arrive BEFORE our inducing on Monday night.

The doctor said Mr. A weighs around 6 pounds 10 oz but can more or a little less. I think he weighs more than 6 pounds b/c my belly is a lot bigger than when I was pregnant with Gaby. At birth Gaby was 7lbs 4 oz. We shall see how big Mr A is going to be.

I will be induced Monday night, I have to be at the Hospital at 8pm. Hopefully by Tuesday afternoon we will be hearing the cries of our little man! I can't wait- this weekend is going to be a roller coaster of emotions. So far I'm nervous, anxious, happy, over joyed, just all sorts of emotions!

I am a little curious as to how Gaby is going to react when she finally sees her little brother OUT of my belly. She is too cute, saying she is going to buy him tons of cloths, change his diaper and feed him. We will see how long the changing of diapers will last! ;) She is going to be a great big sister, I can't wait to be a mom of 2 and share all brand new memories with our growing family.

I will be posting pictures of Alejandro once we are home and semi settled!

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