Tuesday, April 5, 2011

and you shall be Peanut....

Mario and I have been wanting to adopt dog for a while but we were always hesitant because of what happened with Cookie, the American Bulldog we had adopted over 3 years ago. Cookie was such a great dog, she was smart and so lovable. I know I can say that Mario and I kick ourselves in the ass everyday as we think what a horrible mistake we did when we gave her back to the shelter. A huge lesson and part in our lives we don't wish to ever relive again. We know we can never get her back but only hope that her new family loves her as much as we loved her. No matter your view on this topic and how we handled it, we know and regret the whole thing.

Mario started looking at different shelters and adoption agencies for a couple of weeks. He looked and searched and no dog caught his eye. We knew we didn't want a small dog or a large dog. We live in a condo and with 2 kids and a dog already running around we wanted to pick a dog that suited our life and home.

On Wednesday (March 30th) Mario had me call the shelter and get information on a 3 year old Labrador Retriever mixed with American Bulldog. Jezabel was turned in by her family who originally adopted her when she was 3 months because of the place they were moving into didn't allow dogs. Mario then went on Thursday to see her and have her meet Oreo. Well they were turned down because he didn't provide Oreo's proof of shots. So we immediately starting calling Miami- Dade Animal Services for his shots and had him go Friday first thing in the morning with Alex.

Friday, April 1st came and off to get Oreo's rabies shot they went. After there the men went to the Humane Society of Broward County to finally meet Jezabel. I have to confess, I was really scared since Oreo is a bit of a anti- social dog! But they both did so well at the meet and greet. Alex even got to play with her and she was great with him! Mario then filled out the paperwork for her and off home they all went! Mario sent me a picture of Jezabel on her first car ride home with Oreo & Alex.

Gaby got home and was really surprised about our new addition- but she welcomed her with open arms! Jezabel loved her as well and showered her with licks and kisses!!! (BTW- she gives the best kisses in the world! Next to Oreo of course ;)

I got home a little (okay a lot) later, since I had prior plans with some girlfriends of mine! But when I finally got to meet Jezabel she was sooo excited and super happy. Mario and I didn't like her given name....kinda reminded me of....well....lets not go there! So we searched tons of websites but with no intention of naming her after FOOD!!!! I jokingly said to him "How about Peanut?" we laughed and Mario liked it- it had a ring to it. So Jezabel then became PEANUT! You wouldn't think she was a peanut...since a peanut is well... TINY- and she is NOT tiny at all!

It's been 3 weeks since our family welcomed Peanut and we couldn't be happier! She is such a great dog, She tells you when she needs to go out, she lets the kids play with her, she gets on our bed with such ease, her #1 priority is comfort! Peanut is truly an amazing dog and we are so blessed to have her in our lives!

Peanut's first ride home 4.1.11

Enjoying the view

The went to the dog park and she was a little out of breath..

Peanut, Gaby, Alex, Oreo and I after our walk in the Grove
Oreo & Peanut

You see what I mean her #1 priority is comfort!!

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