Monday, April 25, 2011

Bunnies, eggs and chocolate OH MY!!!

Easter has been welcomed in our home once again! This year I decided to host an egg hunt/ egg decorating get together at our house.

Before we got to the festivities- we went to church! The last time we went was literally a year ago (last Easter- to be exact). I hang my head in shame with the thought alone! Since Mario works on weekends he can't join us. So I gathered up the troops and to Easter service we went. There was no stopping us now- well....except the traffic!

Last week all the statues in the church were covered in purple draping, which Gaby then asked why.... and since I didn't want to give her no answer, I said "ummmm...". It's the best I could do!

Well this weekend they were uncovered and the Holy Cross was bordered with beautiful flowers. All white Roses, Lily's, Orchids, Baby Breaths. It was gorgeous! Apparently, I wasn't the only one who thought it because everyone was taking pictures of the cross. I semi heard the word of Christ, but I was able to catch the priests jokes ;) He was saying how he wrote a letter to us all saying "I'll see you in Christmas and New Year!"

He was right, we were THAT family. That family who went to church LAST Easter and didn't go back until this Easter. We skipped Christmas and New Year- which makes it even worse. Although this was my second time taking both kids alone- overall they did a decent job. All Alex wanted to do was take out the offering envelopes and putting them back into the book holder. At the end he was just tired- but we made it! Gaby was great though, she kept asking if the service was done...I said to her "Gaby, we JUST sat down. The service hasn't even started!" All I can think about was me at her age asking my mother the same exact thing. Only difference is I would get the "EYES" from my mother- while Gaby actually gets an answer.

After the service, I wanted the kids to take a picture in front of Cross and so we did!

Easter 2011

We left church and headed home to get ready for our guests. I cleaned the floors one last time and got the festivities started! (I won’t mention that I cleaned the house for 4 hours on Saturday and another 30 minutes on Sunday!) This year I wanted to do the Rice Krispy Eggs and have the kids decorate them. And can I say they turned out so freaking cute! Everyone had such a great time decorating their eggs with chocolate, Gummy Bears, Marsh mellows, M&M’s, crushed Oreos and peanuts! It was truly a big hit with the little ones and the adults. It was super easy to make too. Here’s the recipe I used, the only thing I changed was using an entire bag of mini marsh mellows! Apparently, 6 cups wasn’t enough in my Betty Crocker book ;)

Here are some pictures of our decorating party and everyone’s Easter Eggs:

Gummy Bears, Oreos and Marshmellows OH MY!

Gaby, Genesis and Alex decorating

Alex decorating his delish egg!

Our very own Picasso's

from top center (clockwise): Clau, Sofia, Misha, Sandra, Jorge, Gaby, Genesis, Alex and Emi
The finished products!

I sneaked out of the house while everyone was decorating their eggs- this Easter Bunny had to set up the hunt!! One would think “Oh its just spreading out eggs, how hard can that be!?” Its tough- you don’t want to have all the eggs close to each other or too spread out then there are areas with dog shit! It’s some seriously major planning! Finally, the bunny was ready!

Just as the hunt started, someone who shall remind nameless (OREO) dashed out the door and I was left taking 2 pictures before I had to chase his ass down! I was SO upset- but I couldn’t let that ruin the egg hunt. I was able to take pictures AFTER the fact….booo Oreo!

I think I spent so much time setting up that in a blink of an eye and a chase of a dog- all the eggs were GONE! Geese people- enjoyyyyyyyy the hunt, soak it all in, right? Who am I kidding….
The boys grabbing the eggs!
Emi & Mischa grabbing the ones I put on the stairs
Clau enjoying the hunt too!
Gaby & Genesis

After the very quick egg hunt we all headed back inside and enjoyed the Wii for the rest of the afternoon.

All in all it was by far a fabulous Easter for us and for our family! We did miss Mario- but Gaby made him a Rice Krispy Egg and hopefully he enjoyed eating it! If not- I will enjoy it for him! ;)

So from us to yours, we hope you all enjoyed your Easter weekend as much as we enjoyed ours!

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