Friday, January 27, 2012

No one likes a cheater.....

The glory of the Internet! :::::angels singing:::::

Let me be the first to say the Internet is a fabulous place! When the Internet and I first met it was all about screen names, IM's, AOL chat rooms and the best question a 14 year old girl wants to read...A/S/L (age/sex/location).

Then I met Google...we hit it off like chocolate covered strawberries! We clicked and that was the end of THAT. I would google party ideas, recipes, how to stream movies for free, etc. I'm that person who says "Google it". Yeah- we were hot together.

After I met Google, I was introduced to Myspace who later became Facebook. Who by golly I love and hate that bitch. She always changes her style and I have no time to keep up. FB, all I want to do is see picture and read the latest adventures my friends are exploring.

I will now confess.... I have been cheating, not only on Google Images but Facebook. Yes, I feel bad and I think we can work things out. But man have I gotten in trouble with Pinterest. Yup, I've fallen and fallen hard for her. She's easy, simple and hasn't changed since I met her 2 weeks ago. You may be wondering who the hell is this PINTEREST!?!

Think of it as all your saved (pined) websites and images with your favorite crock pot recipes or that table set up you found on a party planning blog or even that bedroom setup you found online all gathered and saved into categories (Boards). Don't ask questions, just go, explore and thank me later.

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